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PA Beer Wholesale Distributor Industry Impact

PA Beer Wholesale Distributor Industry Impact

  • Creates almost 6,000 jobs throughout the state of Pennsylvania
  • Has a 6.6 million dollar impact on local communities through charities, local events and economic development
  • Provides a 2.5 billion dollar economic impact as a whole for the state of PA

Contributes to PA being a top 10 beer state year after year in variety and amount of beer available to the consumer

PA Beer Distributors will remain Open

The PA Beer Alliance has been advised by the Governor’s office that beer wholesalers and retailers in PA are NOT among those businesses that must close. Beer wholesalers supply much more than just alcoholic beverages, so they may stay open and deliver ALL their products to their customers.

 As always, our beer wholesaler members will continue to use extreme caution and take measures to ensure the greatest possible protection of life and health for all.

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